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Rank Tracker & Serp Tracking

What is your site rank?
Are you rising or falling?

Track your site's growth process as daily with Fixerkit rank tracking system. Is your site rising or falling? Review your turn and improve your strategy according to your competitors

Rank Tracker


Our services you can use to reach the real potential of your website and for better results


We analyze the data on your website daily and we share it's progress with you.
We analyze speed of your website, alexa values, situation on internet and social media, also word analysis in site


We find the daily rankings of the words you define in your project and we report it.
You can keep track of your rankings in Google search engine, you can see them in graphs and analyze it

Keyword Maker

You opened your site, your competitors are known, you defined a word group for advertisemend goal but are those words sufficient?How can you find more words? We search the root words you define and provide you with their usage on their internet.
You can start producing words right away and download it as an excel report

Thanks to our Automatic free backlink builder page, we provide the links that every website should have. Every web site in the internet world has definitely been checked by someone else before, by means of intermediary programs or software. A page is created for your website every time it is checked. This indicates that your site has been tracking and researched by others. These pages are not harmful to your site. If you think any of these pages are harmful, you can block that link from webmaster tools. There are websites from many parts of the world in the list we have prepared for you.
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Keyword Rank Checker

You can daily monitor word ranks of your website for desktop and mobile devices and analyse your competitors on various search engines. You can monitor your improvement on daily, weekly basis and compare with your initial state

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Rank tracker

What is Fixerkit ?

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Fixerkit enables social media planning and seo analysis on different platforms to be collected on a single panel and done automatically. It aims to save the workforce and time. Allows you to manage multiple social media accounts on a single panel, and track and manage the daily progress of your site on which words in search engines.

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